Nekobit's Website

So this is a thing

My name is Nekobit, and I have a huge fascination in computer science and programming. I have a lot of interest in stuff like Linux and GNU, programming languages such as C++, C, Lisp (still learning), and I still remember some JavaScript, PHP, and others.

What do I use?

I'm currently typing this all on GNU Emacs, which is the editor I usually return to because it "just werks". I might occasionally use vim (probably neovim since it's defaults are nice), but every time I switch between programming editors my head gets all jumbled and I have to relearn each one, so I usually stick with Emacs.

My favorite GNU/Linux distribution is probably Gentoo, and occasionally Void when I need a binary distro. I prefer Gentoo because I am a huge fan of having control over my machine, but I also like Emerge and the ability to customize nearly every piece of software to my preferences. Emerge is also very powerful and never breaks for me, unlike Debian GNU/Linux. Void GNU/Linux is also neat because it's closest to the BSD's. I also like the BSD's although I haven't really used them much in a while. (this server is powered by Void)

As for my desktop environments and stuff, I'm a huge KDE guy, I like it's customization and it just fits me well considering I'm a power user. I also like Xfce if my machine isn't as heavy or I just want something simpler and less overwhelming. I hate GNOME btw.

What do I like?

As I mentioned earlier, I like free software and open source stuff like Linux (the kernel), GNU, musl, C, C++, and my friends. I also like Anime and manga, which a lot of autists seem to like, so I'm included there. I like cats, in fact, I have a cute little cat named Loki, which I've attached below!

A picture of my cat Loki.